jarrod newman

Jarrod Newman is a Level 1 CrossFit instructor and CrossFit Weightlifting certified.   Having experienced his own life-changing benefits from CrossFit Jarrod became a coach to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.  He works to inspire people to experience breakthroughs and successes in all areas of their health using Yakima CrossFit's flexible and scalable programming and supportive community.  As a 45+ CrossFit Games competitor Jarrod is proof that CrossFit is for all ages and abilities.


kisa newman

Kisa Newman is a Level 1 CrossFit instructor and CrossFit Gymnastics certified.  Kisa has used CrossFit to overcome a lifetime issue with her body image and in the process build self-confidence.  Her passion for coaching comes from a true belief in that if she can do it so can you.   Kisa has had to work hard to achieve her results.   This gives her a knack for discovering each member's unique issues and delivering a personalized path for each member.


Matthew giussi

Matt Giussi is a Level 1 CrossFit instructor, with additional certifications in CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Weightlifting, and CrossFit Endurance.  Matt started in CrossFit at a young age and quickly discovered that this was something he could stick with. He is constantly learning and bringing new techniques and coaching strategies to Yakima CrossFit.  This has been key to keeping our classes fresh, fun, and unpredictable.


contessa allen

Contessa Allen is a Level 1 CrossFit instructor, with additional certifications in CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Weightlifting, and CrossFit Endurance.  She is also a Physical Therapy assistant which gives her excellent skills in movement mechanics and injury prevention.    Contessa loves the outdoors and in the Spring and Summer she leads a CrossFit Endurance program designed to get you outside having fun and being healthy.   She's excellent at assessing your individual needs and tailoring your workouts to help you progress at your own pace. 


evan smith

Evan Smith is a Level 1 CrossFit instructor.  After a childhood career skiing as a mogul racer Evan was looking for a new physically competitive outlet.  He found CrossFit in 2014 and quickly discovered he had a lot of natural ability for it.   He pursued his Level 1 certificate to expand his knowledge and quickly became our busiest coach.  Evan likes to joke around and believes you gotta have fun if you want to stick with it.


valerie kizziar

Val has been with Yakima CrossFit since the very beginning.  Soon after starting CrossFit she achieved her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate and CrossFit Gymnastics certificate.  Val has been very competitive in the sport and is freakishly strong.  She provides nutrition and meal prep advice to our members and has a genuine desire to help them achieve their fitness goals.  

Ryan davis

Davis is a Level 1 CrossFit trainer and CrossFit Weightlifting certified.  He's also one of Yakima's stud police officers and we're proud to have him on our team.  Davis loves to compete in CrossFit competitions as much as he can and is always pushing himself to improve.    As a coach he'll also push his students hard but never more than they are capable of.  With the help of CrossFit Davis has confidence that he will be prepared for any situation that comes his way and wants to help you feel the same.


Joann “Jo” briscoe

Jo started CrossFit in 2015. She loves coaching because she knows how it feels to feel like you're at the bottom but have a coach that is just as excited about your goals as you are. She is someone that celebrates your milestones as if they were her own. Jo wants to help people gain confidence and realize they can do whatever they put their minds to because that was just like her. She was that starter athlete and is still learning daily. Now she can help others grow and participate in their health and fitness journey. (Level 1 CrossFit Trainer)


francisco “cisco” cardenAs

Cisco started CrossFit in 2014, and loves everything about it. He emphasizes great mechanics and consistency before intensity and we’re blessed to have him as part of the coaching team. You may have seen him around the box doing some pretty weird things (e.g. frog pumps, side star planks, seated goodmornings, etc) so next time you see him feel free to introduce yourself! He’s always looking to expand his knowledge and continues to see himself as a student of the sport. He’s excited to apply his knowledge to help you become a better version of you! (Level 1 CrossFit Trainer)


Skyler Atterbom

Skyler is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. He has been doing CrossFit since February of 2014. He found CrossFit watching videos of Rich Froning on YouTube at the CrossFit Games and decided to give it a shot, fell in love with the PROCESS and decided to become a coach. He loves coaching CrossFit classes because of the people. “It is about seeing ordinary people become extraordinary; the very versions of themselves they never imagined they could be.” Skyler comes to a class to see people exceed their expectations and smile and suffer alongside their peers. His goal is to send people out the doors a better version of the people they were when they walked in.