YCF Nutrition Success Story - Charles


From February to April 2017 Charles Espinoza has been using the MyFitnessPal app to track his macros.  He came to our first nutrition meeting and has followed the plan.  It obviously works!  His before pic actually still looks pretty good but it's obvious that he's now totally ripped.  Charles is 34 years old has 3 kids and a full time job.  He's just as busy as the rest of us.  


It's never too late to start getting your nutrition on track.  If you can afford it I will always recommend hiring a professional nutritionist to hold you accountable.  I've found that a 6 month commitment is what's needed to create a lasting change.  Most of us at YCF have used leanmachinenutrition.com.  But if you are motivated enough and disciplined enough you can do it on your own by following the steps in the YCF nutrition blog.  Just check out Charles if you need proof.  


If you're interested in making a change, ask around at YCF.  Many of us are already following the program and can help you out.  Here's a list:  Charles, Jarrod, Kisa, Reed, JoAnn, Ana, Amber H., Alicia, Sasha, Garrett, Gino, Omar, Carrie, Heidi, and Valentine