Hit a Plateau With Your Macros?


If you've been using MyFitnessPal like we describe in this Nutrition Blog then you've probably been surprised at how quickly the weight is coming off.  That's awesome, congrats!  Just like with exercise though those early big gains tend to slow down or even stop.  If you're sticking to your macros but have been stuck at your same weight for 2 weeks then this your next step.

Choose any random 2 days this week and cut your carbs by 50 grams.  All the other days continue to follow your normal macros.  That's it!  Simple! 

 Tip 1:  If you're going to cheat don't cheat BIG!  Blowing your macros big will show up on your scale for the next 3-4 days.  This will halt your progress if you're doing this every week.  If you're having a hard time with the binging try planning your cheat foods into your daily macros and slowly remove them from your daily meals over the following weeks.  Be patient with yourself as these food addictions can be very strong.  So it may take awhile.

Tip 2:  Probiotics are bacteria that live in your gut and intestines.  There are hundreds of billions of them and they are living things that thrive on the foods you eat.  They are good for you and essential to your health.  If you eat unhealthy foods you will nurture the type of gut bacteria (probiotics) that thrive on and crave this unhealthy food.  Science is learning that this gut bacteria actually influences your desire for certain foods.  So when you start eating healthy, your gut bacteria that thrives on bad food will start to starve out and scream to be fed.  They will signal your brain to feed them.  So your cravings get strong.  But over time if you eat healthy your gut bacteria will be replaced with new varieties that thrive on the new healthy foods you eat.  To speed up this process I recommend a probiotic you have to order online called VSL#3.

 As always, if you can afford it get a nutrition coach from leanmachinenutrition.com.  We are passing on what we're learning from our experience with this company because it works and we want everyone to benefit.  But there is nothing that will work better than a 6 month commitment with Lean Machine Nutrition.