Don't Quit

All of us who have been paying for a nutritionist to monitor our progress have had great progress right away which then stops for a prolonged period of time and then progress begins again.  If you're watching your macros based on the information in this blog then you also probably noticed excellent progress right away.  But if that progress hasn't stopped then congrats.....but it will at some point.  When it does stop, don't give up.  You just hit a plateau which is completely normal.  It can be the obstacle that causes you to quit though.  If I hadn't trusted the process I would've quit during my 6 week plateau.   The other 2 members at YCF who have hired also would've quit if they hadn't trusted their nutritionist.  Plateaus suck, but they are normal and they're going to happen.  So be prepared for them emotionally and don't give up.  Without forking out some cash for a nutritionist and being held accountable every week to submit your food journal, daily weigh-in's and weekly measurements and photos, the plateau can be even harder to battle through.  Text me if you're having an issue (509.952.4475 - Jarrod).  Also review my previous post for how to deal with your first plateau: