Log Everything


I noticed most of us are not logging all of our meals into myfitnesspal.  It's critically important to log everything everyday if you expect to achieve results.  This means being accountable when you eat bad food and too much food.  I know it's hard to log it when you know you blew it.  I've been there and sometimes I wait until the following day to log my bad days....but I log it.  Get in the habit of logging every little thing.  We're all human and we have bad days or meals.  We like to hide that kind of stuff but we ALL do it, nobody is perfect.  Log it anyway.  As time goes on your bad days will become fewer and not as bad. 

You'll probably need to track food daily for about 6 months.  You're educating yourself about the food you eat and how to use it to effectively control your weight.  By logging everything you're getting to definitively know your unique self.  Nothing else I post on this program will matter if you don't make this first step a habit.  So pretend you've signed up for 2 quarters of a college program to learn how to control your energy, weight, and nutrition.  Assignment #1 is to religiously log everything you eat or drink no matter what.👍🏼