New Membership Rates!

Yakima CrossFit is reducing our membership rates to share our success with our awesome community.  We've been in business for over 6 years and are always looking for ways to make CrossFit accessible to anyone with a desire to focus on their health and fitness.  Until now we've been focusing on building the gym into the most well equipped and spacious facility in Yakima.  Thanks to all of you we are now able to focus on some new things.  Our first new goal in 2017 is to reduce our membership fees.  CrossFit has always been an expensive membership no matter where you go.  We're trying to change that here. The rate change will be effective January 1st.  The new rates are as follows:

  • $79/mo. Unlimited CrossFit Membership

  • $79 for 10-Visit punch pass

  • $55 Youth Unlimited CrossFit Membership

  • $10 Drop-In fee

(*tax not included)

These rates are here to stay, this is NOT a temporary promotion.  We know price is a big issue and we want to make CrossFit financially available to everyone.   So Merry Christmas and let's start the New Year off right with a little more money in our pockets and a renewed excitement to make health and fitness a regular part of our routine.  Yakima CrossFit is a "community" box and will continue to do what it takes to make CrossFit available to as many people as possible.  Come join us!