Ladies!! I am so excited for this!


Starting February 6th I will be coaching a WOMENS ONLY class at Yakima CrossFit!

I was introduced to CrossFit as a spectator watching my husband do these crazy workouts.  I never thought I'd be able to do this stuff and if I tried I would look dumb, haha!  So I had no intention of getting into CrossFit.  But as a mom I had stopped putting myself first and was looking for a way to change that by focusing on me for at least an hour per day.  Of the million and one things I could've done I felt that focusing on my health was a good place to start.  And so to avoid feeling intimidated and embarrassed by going to the gym we purchased some workout stuff for me to use at home.  So I started doing some CrossFit-ish workouts at home with a few friends and we immediately started having little successes and surprising ourselves with how much fun we were having at the same time.  Eventually my husband talked me into coming to some actual classes.  At first it was just a couple days per week but soon all my little micro-successes just kept adding up and giving me more confidence. 

WOW, I never saw this coming!!  4 years later, my husband and I own the gym. I am a certified coach in CrossFit and in Gymnastics!  Because of how hard I've had to struggle and continue to struggle to overcome my personal fears and limiting thoughts, I have strong empathy for others.  This led to the discovery that becoming a CrossFit coach is a new passion for me.  The opportunity to help others overcome their particular fears and insecurities has been the real purpose of my CrossFit journey.  I love watching members jump up and down with excitement, being part of their new personal bests and accomplishing their own goals! I love it!!! 

I'm asking all of you to come and try it!! I promise you, you will surprise yourself and it will change your life in one way or another!

-Kisa Newman